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I must have been to the Crown and Two Chairmen dozens of times over the years, normally late at night when it is packed and we have fallen in the door, through the crowds and to the bar, and then to the bar again and er normally again and then on to the next venue.

The location on Dean Street is perfect for those Soho nights and the clientele are always a nice mix, in the summer you can also stand outside where they have a little area cordoned off.

I must be honest I dont think I have ever been there in daylight or seen its true layout (Im blaming the crowds for not seeing its layout rather than inebriation).

We decided to break this late night routine and go for lunch on Monday, arriving at 1.30pm it was pretty empty – we knew this would soon change though.  But it meant we managed to get a cosy seat in a prime location to people watch – I love a good people watch.

We settled down with some drinks for a good catch up and then had err some more drinks, for those interested in the drinks menu (come on who isnt!!). they have a good range of beers, wines etc you can get up close and personal with their selection here.

Anyway was soon time for some good old pub grub, Pork & chorizo burger with caramelised red onion & fries for two of us and Gloucester Old Spot sausages, beer mustard mash, onion rings & gravy for one, priced £11 and £9.50 respectively.  This is good old British pub food and does exactly what it says on the tin. Great combi of Pork and Chorizo and the onion rings were a nice and different touch on the Sausages and Mash.  The price was reasonable too and service was bang on.  You can see what else they have to offer here.  Was soooo tempted by the Salted caramel & chocolate tart with clotted cream for dessert but settled on a beer instead!! Wish in the name of research I’d had both now!

After food we settled in for the rest of the afternoon, love afternoon pub sessions, finally falling out the door six hours after we started… made a nice change from falling in it!

Many thanks for a great afternoon Crown and Two Chairmen – I am sure we will be back very soon.

Crown & Two Chairmen website

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